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To the territory.

To the body.

To the heart.

To the anus.

To the private.

To the space.

Through the pain.

Toward the softness.

PENETRATION is a dance film dealing with both the fear and the pleasure that lays in the act of penetration - to the soul and to the body. Using the camera’s POV as another participant in the choreography gives the viewer behind the screen a close, intimate ‘voyeur’ experience. The film raises issues of masculinity in a global matter along the local context of the Israeli macho man. Using half a uniform of an Israeli border police officer poors light on the militant-sexual relation of the term "penetration", shifting between entering and attacking, receiving and surrendering - between the heart and the anus. Presenting pain as a source of both suffering and pleasure.



Created and Performed by: Gilad Jerusalmy

Filmed and edited by: Daniel Pakes

“PENETRATION" is an original production of MASH Dance House

Premiered in Jerusalem on December10/2020

Artistic director: Rachel Erdos

Filmed by Daniel Pakes

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