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Since 2015 Gilad has been teaching dance and movement to a variety of audiences. Teaching floorwork classes to professional dance companies including Inbal Dance Theatre (Tel Aviv) and Kolban Dance Company (Jerusalem). Teaching and creating short works for different dance programs. Leading movement research sessions for adults with no previous background in dance. Teaching movement to infants and their parents. Teaching and coordinating movement classes for LGBTQ youth at risk. 

Floor Work 


Gilad’s classes are composed of powerful and dynamic floorwork technique. An energetic study of contraction and expansion around three basic elements: pushing, folding, and rolling. The workshops are built from practices of receiving and leaving the floor, traveling exercises in space, rolling, strengthening the body and lots of sweat.

Learning to use explosive power while keeping the body safe, exploring how to produce power, aggression and elements of surprise while maintaining the body and using it wisely.



Gilad gives a variety of repertory workshops, both of his own creations and of different choreographers he has worked with.

Creations for young companies & students


Using his own methods of creation - Gilad is translating his artistic process into group research. Connecting personal experiences to a broader global sensation. Researching both brutal and tender encounters between the body to itself, to another body and to the floor. Using repetitive movements until the point of exhaustion, whilst examining what is an honest motion that is not a representation of an action but is the action itself. 

"Ten out of TenCarmela Dance Group |Filmed by Front Photography

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