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I took out all my childhood dolls from my parents attic. In front of them and together with you, I want us all to take out our first experiences. Traumas, thrills and forbidden secrets with the soundtrack of youth and the smell of sexuality. Here, in this moment, I am testing intimacy, in front of you and with you. How every single experience has influenced me - influenced us. How the first moment of every experience shapes our character and behavior today. And with all these layers of skin that grew on top of each other over the years - is there something we can do in order to get closer to one another?  

This is an initiation ceremony, only this time I am not asking for a guide - I am asking for partners on the journey.

Pil-Pilon is a famous Israeli children’s song. It tells the story of a baby elephant that is learning how to walk. 


Created and performed by: Gilad Jerusalmy

Premiered: A-Genre Festival 2019 Tmuna Theatre Tel Aviv

Artistic director: Nitzan Cohen



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