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fillmed by Yair Meyuhas edited by Yoav Brill.

“Kittens&Puppies” is a duet for a female and a male dealing with both the clash and

the merge between an inner-wild self and social codes and norms. With physicality

learned from animalistic worlds and behaviors imitated from one another, this couple

of savage domesticated creatures explore the point in their development at which

they learned what they can be and how they should behave. The piece travels

through different types of relations: siblings, strangers, parent/child, romantic and

friendship, all soaked in loneliness and intimacy.

Performed by: Shiraz Dagan & Gilad Jerusalmy

Premiered: Curtin Up Dance Festival 2021 Tel Aviv

Artistic Directors: Dana Ruttenberg and Oded Graf

Music: “Wolves” by Phosphorescent 


The piece was developed at Menashe Dance House residency program.

בית המחול - לוגו משולב.png


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